4 Responses to “Polls – How Many Stanwyck Movies Have You Seen?”

  1. Jada Lynn Kennedy

    I,m a fan of Barbara stanwyck my favorite movies of hers are baby face and night nurse and sorry wrong number she was a very talented actress and she was a very elegant and beautiful lady

  2. charlotte oles

    barbara stanwick my favorite actress, I have seen all her movies over and over again, no man of her own, was my favorite when she walks up several flights of stairs pregnant, and her boyfriend wont open the door!then she enda up with aa man and a family that loves her and her child. all the real foster homes bababara was in real life, I was so glad god blessed her and made her and actress! I wanted to be an actress just like barbara, I wish I could of met her.

  3. Mark Waltz

    Just saw the last of the ones I’ve been searching for, “The Plough and the Stars”. I believe “Broadway Nights” may be a lost film.

  4. john h. morris

    Stanwyck was the best actress of her generation – the 30s and 40s and 50s. There is a scene in “There’s Always Tomorrow” when a picture of Fred McMurray drops out of her purse. He picks it up and she realizes that he knows she has loved him for years. Stanwyck’s expression is deeply moving and expresses her talent. Of course there are many such scenes in her films. She was the best actress to reflect human emotions.


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