Barbara Stanwyck: The Romantic Soul

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Barbara Stanwyck : The Romantic Soul

During last year’s birthday blogathon, my post focused on Barbara Stanwyck’s all-but-invisible film, A Lost Lady ( While a fan for eons, I first saw this movie only a few years ago. Since then, I couldn’t get the film out of my mind. What was it about Barbara and her performance that effected me so deeply? Even writing last year’s blog, I was at a loss to explain it. Read more »

Polls – Stanwyck’s Top 20 Movies

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Please vote for your 20 favorite Stanwyck films. Yes you can vote up to 20 films! Stany had 88 films to choose from, they all came in very different sizes and flavors, that’s why we are increasing the usual top 10 voting system and allow you to vote for up to 20 of her films so you can vote for almost ALL of your favorite Stanwyck films.

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Welcome Stanwyckians!

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Barbara Stanwyck - by George Hurrell 1941 - Meet John Doe

Thank you for visiting this website dedicated to the queen of the screen…Miss Barbara Stanwyck! You can find out more about this website and those who helped built  it in the About Us section.

This is intended to be a collaborative-built website, there is a lot of information already but we want to add more, and we will need your help. Here are the main different Sections of the Website and where you can provide your input:


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