Barbara Stanwyck IMDb – What does the world’s most popular source for movies, television and the world of celebrities have to say about Ms. Stanwyck?

You know someone is famous if they have their own IMDb. And it doesn’t take a genius to work out that one of Hollywood’s most well-known and loved ladies, Barbara Stanwyck, has an IMDb page that is filled to the brim with some interesting facts and fun information. So, let’s dig a little bit deeper into the Barbara Stanwyck IMDb page…

Of course you have a biography channelling the life of Barbara Stanwyck, just like the one we have here at The Queen. The Queen being one of the three nicknames Stanwyck had, as IMDb so rightly tells us, the other two being of course Missy and Babs. We love the popular website’s reference to Stanwyck’s trademarks; her husky voice, shapely legs, Brooklyn accent and her frequent casting as women who had to cope with being of a low class standard. Having dealt with a difficult upbringing herself this is something Missy knew how to play to perfection. Grit and determination were qualities she had acquired from a very young age. This is aptly showcased via the quote they have chosen for the Barbara Stanwyck IMDb page; “I’m a tough old broad from Brooklyn. I intend to go on acting until I’m ninety and they won’t need to paste my face with make-up.”

There are some fantastic trivia facts revealed on the Barbara Stanwyck IMDb page, some of which are extremely random, such as the fact that she lost a kidney in 1971. And some are simply distressing, such as the time when she was beaten and robbed by an intruder in 1985 – a horrific incident you are likely to all have heard about. But the majority are fun and interesting. We’ve picked a handful of them. Did you know that…Barbara is the godmother of Tori Spelling? That her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is located on 1751 Vine St.? That all of her siblings’ names began with the letter ‘M’? That she was of Scots-Irish and English descent? That she used to be best friends with Frank Sinatra’s first wife Nancy?

We all know and love Barbara for her roles in many, many films – not to mention her stints on television and of course her early career in Broadway. Nevertheless, there are some other pieces of work that she has done in her time, such as the print ad for Lux Toilet Soap in 1941 and the 1949 print ad she done for Chesterfield cigarettes. She featured in a TV commercial for Lustre-Crème shampoo and done several radio programs as well. Even after her death she was profiled in a book called ‘Funny Ladies’ by Stephen Silverman (1999).

A unique talent with a warm and a one of a kind personality who had a colourful and successful career as she so rightly deserved. If you find any fun or unusual finds about Barbara Stanwyck then please share them with us. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the Queen of Hollywood herself.