Barbara Stanwyck Photos – Fantastic selection of photos of one of Hollywood’s greats

Barbara Stanwyck blessed Broadway, Hollywood and television for many years. The Brooklyn born Queen of the Screen has won in place in the hearts of people all over the world. In 1990 we lost a true angel, but that doesn’t mean her legacy can’t live on forever. On this section of the website you will find a fantastic selection of Barbara Stanwyck photos. We encourage you to browse through them all as you will see an array of stunning photographs that have captured magical moments throughout the Hollywood star’s life.

You will see that our gallery is sectioned up into three different categories. These are as follows; portraits from the 1930s, portraits from the 1940s and full length portraits. Each category has a good selection of photographs for you to browse through. You will note that all of the images are of a high quality and there truly are some stunning shots of the beautiful lady herself.

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