Just because the postman does not deliver to the “other side”…it doesn’t mean one cannot write to Missy. I love reading other people’s thoughts on Missy, so please write to her as if she was reading it, perhaps they DO have internet in the other side, you never know!

In any case, we’ll be honored to have your letters to Missy posted here in the comments Section.

4 Responses to “Write to Missy”

  1. Tiffany

    Dear Missy, I have watched seven of your movies so far. You are such an exceptional actress and what a beauty you are. Just simply breathtaking. You play a crazy bit@# so well. You have a way of drawing people in. You are magnetic and marvelous.

  2. charlotte oles

    Barbara stanwick is my favorite actress ilove her movie no man of her own,i watch all her movies over and over again I wish icould of been an actress, she was in all those foster homes im glad god blessed her and made her and actress .I watch cristmas in Connecticut ever year.

  3. charlotte oles

    missy I watch your movies over and over again there will never be anyone like you again !!! im glad god blessed you and made you an actress. iwish I could of met you. I wanted to be an actress like you. Christmas in Connecticut I watch every year.


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