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This is the place to share all your Stanwyck “stories”, from actual memories about her to any Missy fan-related stories.

  • If you actually knew, met or corresponded with Missy (or had any friends or relatives that did) and would like to share those personal recollections and/or photographs with other fans, please e-mail us.
  •  Have you visited Stanwyck’s footprints or her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, or seen her Honorary Oscar at the American Heritage Center in Wyoming? Have you been in any of her film locations or former houses? Are you buying a wig like Phillys Dietrichson’s for a party? Got any pictures to prove it? This is also a place to share all those memories.

Send us your story and your photos (if any) to the e-mail below and we will add them to this page. 

Enjoy our Stanwyck Stories from fans around the globe in the sections below:

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre Visit

Christina W. – December 2019

Christina sent us pictures of her visit to Stanwyck and Robert Taylor famous hand/footprint at the TCL Theater in Los Angeles.

“My hands are the exact same size as hers  😊”





Memories of Attending The Lincoln Center Gala Tribute in April of 1981

David Shapiro – December 2018

I remember that night, as though it was yesterday!  I had been attending the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Gala Tribute every year for a few years prior to the one given to Barbara Stanwyck, as well as several others over the next few years.   The Tribute was held in April of 1981, and was particularly poignant, because she was escorted into Philharmonic Hall by her friend and co-star, William Holden.  Sadly, this would be one of Holden’s last public appearances, as he would die tragically several months later.  Stanwyck was a vision in her white beaded gown, that complimented her coiffed white hair. Many of her co-stars were present, several of whom appeared onstage to pay tribute to her with remembrances or anecdotes of their film work together. I do remember Anne Baxter, in particular, recalling their work in “Walk on the Wild Side,” as she recounted Stanwyck sharply rebuking co-star Laurence Harvey’s chronic tardiness on the set!  Needless to say, according to Baxter, the reprimand apparently took, and the problem did NOT recur!  Film clips from her storied career were shown on a giant screen, interspersed with her co-stars’ appearances on stage, to recount their interactions with the legendary “Missy.”  The highlight of the evening was, of course, Stanwyck’s much awaited appearance, as she graciously stepped out from behind the curtain, and acknowledged thunderous applause from her adoring fans.  It was truly a memorable evening, paying homage to one of the screen’s great performers, whose hard work and great talent earned her the respect and deep affection of both her co-stars and the movie-going public!   Having long been a fan of Stanwyck and her career, I am grateful for having had the opportunity to attend this event, and join with others in saluting the woman and her memorable work over the years.

I believe they had a strict policy that no pictures be taken inside the Auditorium.  As I recall, and I really cannot be certain of this, Frank Capra was not there.  Nor was Henry Fonda, but he did send a message in which he spoke warmly of working with “Missy,” as he referred to her.  I was so dazzled being in Barbara Stanwyck’s close presence that I was completely star-struck! I’m sure she would be very gratified to know that a special Facebook page and website in her honor has been established, and that even today, she is so fondly remembered.  Thanks to TCM, she is daily adding a whole new generation of admirers!  

Bastian P.  – June 2018 

Life-Size Stany!

Hey, I´m from Germany and a Hobby artist. Barbara Stanwyck is one of my favorite actresses. So I painted Miss Stanwyck on life size wood for my home.

Incidentally, you can check Bastian’s work on facebook at

Note: Stany’s dress is from her hidden-gem movie There’s Always Tomorrow (1956)




On becoming a Barbara Stanwyck fan

Brittany H – July 2013 

I would love to share my personal story about my journey into Barbara Stanwyck fandom…I am too young to have met her or to have corresponded with her personally, but I do have a story.

I’ve been a fan of Missy’s ever since I saw her 1952 film Titanic in which she starred with Clifton Webb and Robert Wagner.  I had seen her before on the film Christmas in Connecticut but never really noticed her until many years later.  My mom got me into classic movies, being a huge fan of Hollywood’s Golden Age herself.  We had traditions of watching old movies like The Wizard of Oz and other movies, one of which was Christmas in Connecticut, which we watched every Christmas.  So, for years of my life I knew of her vaguely, but never really became seriously interested until 2010.  Then I became hooked after watching Titanic on Netflix.  I was captivated by Missy.  She was glamorous, gorgeous, and before I knew it I was absolutely smitten.

Soon after “discovering” her, I began a collection–better called an obsession–which cost me many months and a LOT of money.  I now own all but 4 of her films and every book ever written about her and several books that simply include chapters about her.  I own numerous original photos as well as an autographed photo.  To say I am a Barbara Stanwyck fan is an understatement. I have devoted a lot of time to collecting pictures of Missy, including my treasured autographed photo.  I also make gif images of Stanwyck for my blog on tumblr.

Soon after falling in love with Missy, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit Hollywood where I saw her hand and footprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.  I was there soon after they restored hers (and Robert Taylor’s) square, which was badly cracked.  I also took a tour of Paramount Studios where she filmed a few of her movies.  I have attached photos of both her square at Grauman’s and a photo from Paramount Studios, which includes the window of famed costume designer Edith Head’s office (top window on the right).  As most true fans know, Edith Head was Stanwyck’s favorite costumer and dressed her for many of her films.  My trip to Hollywood was a dream come true, the only thing I didn’t get to see was her star on the Walk of Fame, which unfortunately we never made it to.