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A curated selection of some of the best blog articles about Barbara Stanwyck our team of editors have found throughout the years. Click on the titles to be re-directed to the blog post.  Did we miss some? Let us know. 


Scandals of Classic Hollywood: BARBARA STANWYCK

Anne Helen Peterson, The Hairpin


“In her best films, she eats the role for breakfast. She’s delicious to watch, and, much like Hepburn or Rosalind Russell, made me realize that there was a time when being smart and sexy onscreen weren’t mutually exclusive”



Blog: Dametown

We like living by Dametown’s philosophy. When in doubt…WWBSD? 

“As I waddle through life, I’d like to do so with intelligence, humor, grace and guts. I’d like to be capable of both sacrifice and sexiness. I’d want to have a big heart, a strong self of self, and to be able to do a cartwheel whenever I feel like it. In other words, I’d like to be Barbara Stanwyck. That’s why When I’m wondering how to behave in a given situation, I feel I can’t go wrong if I just ask myself, “WWBSD“?


Uttetly Modern: The Charisma of BARBARA STANWYCK

Author: Nell Minow,

“Among the stars of the 1930s and ’40s, Stanwyck stands out as one of the few who could walk onto a movie set today—or fifty years from today—and still seem utterly modern. ”


Star of the Month: BARBARA STANWYCK

Blog: L.A. La Land: Fame, Fortune, and Forensics

Author: Meredith Grau

“Barbara Stanwyck remains just as enticing to modern audiences as she did to her contemporary fans. Her talent is still envied; her private life is still much gossiped about. Her allure compels almost tactically from beyond the grave, as if she too made a Garbo-like decision the pull a great, impenetrable curtain between her work and her true identity, forever inviting fascination”



Blog: A Person in the Dark

“If you’re strong, you can be sexy at any age”


BARBARA STANWYCK: The Professional’s Professional

Self Styled Syren

When [in 1932 Picturegoer] listed the top six female stars (Garbo, Constance Bennett, Dietrich, Chatterton, Shearer and Crawford), [Adolphe] Menjou himself told the editor that in Hollywood Stanwyck was rated above the last two… The Siren agrees with Adolphe Menjou, and would in fact rank Stanwyck’s abilities above that entire Picturegoer list.”


BARBARA STANWYCK’s 100th Birthday 

The Sheila Variations

“Barbara Stanwyck is the greatest American actress. She is complex, layered, powerful, funny, trampy, heartfelt, and ultimately mysterious. You never get to the bottom of her. She never gives it all away. She holds something back. She holds THE thing back, whatever it is. And it is that one held-back thing, never defined, never spoken, never pinned down, that makes a truly great enduring actress.”



Blog: Sunset Pad

Author: Kim Morgan

“If you could step into a movie, which of the most insane cinematic places/towns would you most like to visit?” The question was to be answered immediately, without more than five seconds to think about it. I immediately stated: Iverstown.”



Blog: Stream of Unconsciousness

“Every time I meet a Stanwyck character (even if i’ve seen the film a dozen times) I’m reminded of when I first met my wife. Here’s a woman who seems out of my league but at the same time accessible. She’ll probably be able to wrap me around her pinkie, but oh how I’ll love that finger.”