Mexicali Rose (1929)

Mexicali Rose (1929) | Barbara StanwyckMexicali Rose (1929)

Genre: Drama/Romance
Director: Erle C. Kenton
Writers: Norman Houston,Gladys Lehman
Producers:  Harry Cohn
Cast:  Barbara Stanwyck as Mexicali Rose, Happy Manning, William Janney , Louis Natheaux
Release Date: 26 December 1929
Synopsis: A love triangle in a Mexican border saloon
Distributor: Columbia Pictures

Ray’s Review

Barbara’s third film Mexicali Rose, (The Girl From Mexico in the UK) was hilariously bad.

The girl from Brooklyn played a wicked Spanish senorita, slinking around with her hands on her hips. This was her first bad girl role, and the first of many occasions when she met a sticky end. It was just 60 minutes long, and it has it’s curiosity value, but I would only recommend it to her most devoted fans.

As I have mentioned Barbara’s first film I thought that I would gradually go through them one by one, giving an honest review of each of them.

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